Candy Buffets/Sweet Tables

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Candy Buffets/Sweet Tables

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Product Information

Price starts at £3 per head for 150g of sweets per person.

Additional sweets are charged at £0.99 per 100g of sweets

Price includes, Full set up of the candy Buffet, hire of sweet bowls and dishes, serving tongues, sweet scoops 2 sweet bags per person

(If you wish to have someone man the stall to serve your guests this is charged at £10 per hour.)

Choose from the following sweets

Bon Bons

Crystals /Sherbet


Blue Bon Bons

Coal Dust

Barnips Originals

Strawberry Bon Bons

Cream Soda

Floral Gums

Sour Apple Bon Bons

Blue Crystals

Cherry Lips

Rhubarb & Custard Bon Bons

Rainbow Crystals

Coltsfoot Rock

Vimto Bon Bons

Orange Crystals

Cough Candy

Blackcurrant Bon Bons

Lemon Crystals

Kop Kops

Jelly Sweets

Liquorice and Aniseed

Chocolate Sweets

Midget Gems

Liquorice All sorts

Chocolate Footballs

Wine Gums

Jelly Buttons Pink and Blue

Chocolate Beans/Smarties

Fruit Salad

Aniseed Twists

Chocolate Raisins

Sports Mix

Coconut Rolls

Chocolate Peanuts

Friendship Rings

Pontefract Cakes

White Fish & Chips

Strawberry Pencils

Black and Whites

White Mice

Lager/Pint Pots

Liquorice Comfits

White Drops

Fried Eggs

Liquorice Cuttings

Brown Drops

Teddy Bears

Aniseed Imperials/Balls

Brown Mice

Cola Bottles

Liquorice Tablets

Brown Jazzies

Fizzy Cola Bottles

Black Jacks

White Jazzies

Giant Strawberries


Chocolate Tools

Jelly Babies


Chocolate Cinder toffee

Baby Jelly Babies


Ice Cups

Swizzles Love Hearts


Choc Lick

Love Heart Jelly Throbs


Mint Choc Lick

Jelly Worms


Choc Nibs

Fizzy Blue Bottles


Orange Nibs

Milk Bottles


Giant Jazzies Brown

Pyscho Rats


Giant Jazzies White

Skull Heads


Chocolate Brazil Nuts


Toffee Sweets

Mega Sours

Drum Vanilla Fudge

Taveners Chocolate Eclairs

Barnett’s Hot or Wot


Banana Split Eclairs

Barnett’s Trick or Treat

Drum Rum & Raison

Walkers Creamy English Toffee

Mega Sour Raspberry

Wrapped Vanilla Fudge

Walkers Mint Toffees

Mega Sour Cola

Drum Cookie Dough Fudge

Walkers Milk Choc Toffee

Mega Sour Bubble-gum

Kids Favourites

Sugar Free

Old Fashioned

Gobstopers Small

Toffee Eclairs

Fruit Salads and Blackjacks

Gobstoppers Giant

Fruit Drops

Uncle Joes Mint balls

Candy ABCS

Assorted Mix

Sweet peanuts

Sherbet Pips

Sherbet Lemon

Barley Sugar

Fruit Pips

Blackcurrant and Liquorice

Toasted Tea Cakes

Flying Saucers

Devon Toffee

Spanish Tobacco

Pink Shrimps

Pear Drops

Coconut Mushrooms

Bumper Bananas

Rhubarb and Custard

Jameson’s Raspberry Ruffles

Dolly Mixtures

Chocolate Limes

Jameson’s Caramels

Rhubarb and Custard


Pear Drops

Millions Vimto


Peanut Brittle

Millions Cola


Rosey Apples

Millions Lemon


Butter mints

Millions Bubble-gum


Rhubarb and Custard

Millions Raspberry


Mint Imperials

Fruit Salads


Cola Cubes



Pineapple Cubes



Raspberry Cubes


Additional Lines by the price per item




Sherbet Fountains



Candy Canes in a stand



Wham Bars



Dip Dabs



Baseti Liquorice Sticks



Giant round Swirl Lollipops



Sour Flyers



Candy necklaces



Candy Watches



Nets of Gold Coins



Fizz Whizz Popping Candy



Chocolate Bananas



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